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Techniques and Services

At Coeur d’Alene Wellness, we offer a variety of services to provide you with as many options as possible for your care. Based on his years of experience, Dr. Dan designs treatment plans that are as unique as you are. Naturopathic care is safe for patients of all ages, and chiropractic care and other therapy options enhance your results.

Naturopathic Services

The naturopathic techniques Dr. Dan selects for your care will depend on the specifics of your condition and your preferences. These therapies are particularly effective in facilitating recovery from chronic health conditions such as allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme, vaccine issues, chronic infections and stress.

Our naturopathic offerings include:

Lyme Disease Treatment

Finding and applying effective treatments for Lyme is one of our highest priorities at Coeur d’Alene Wellness. We believe Lyme is endemic in our area, and likely affects a great number of patients. Our treatment plan for Lyme consists of a multipronged approach to combat the disease. In some cases, patients have lived with Lyme for many years and not known it. Other patients are infected and immediately fall very ill. Take our Lyme test and talk with Dr. Dan if you believe Lyme may be an issue for you.

Quantum Frequency Technology

We are privileged to have in our office new cutting edge technologies run with computers utilizing quantum field energy and re-broadcasting it in the form of specific light information to help your energetic system organize and repair itself. This information can be individualized to meet your particular energetic health needs.

This is somewhat similar to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s statement that, “transmitting the information
of nutrients in the form of light into your bio-photon field can affect your body in the same way as eating the actual nutrient!”

Bio-Plasma Energy Concentrator

What if you could harness plasma energy and use it to supercharge your body? Dr. Dan is doing just that. Bio-energetic plasma is the fourth state of matter which your body changes into vital energy. Plasma energy is a subset of emissions from the sun, which helps improve the body’s repair processes and greatly increases your body’s energy levels. The equipment concentrates bio-energetic plasma and delivers it to the body’s cells to help the body function at a much higher level much like an oxygen concentrator increases oxygen delivery to your lungs and body.

Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)

We use a unique form of muscle response monitoring to access and assess the body’s autonomic control system and to modulate the performance of autonomic control functions. NMT changes the way we look at health conditions. Resolution or improvement of many conditions now becomes a matter of data processing by your subconscious mind/bio-computer. It is subject to real-time correction as your autonomic control system chooses to reprogram and de-bug just as literally as the computer that sits on your desk.

Most of what we do is controlled by our subconscious brain, and this is where treatment must be focused. NMT helps rewrite the code in our subconscious brain to reprogram our bodies to work the way they were intended, eliminating pain and disease.


Homeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like.” Tiny amounts of a substance that causes illness in a healthy person can be used to treat similar symptoms in a sick person. While the doses are extremely small, they are highly therapeutic. Conventional medicines and pharmaceutical drugs can have serious and even fatal side effects, but homeopathy has an excellent safety record.

We have successfully used homeopathy to treat or prevent annual flu symptoms, anxiety, migraine headaches, pre and postsurgical stress, infectious agents and a wide variety of other conditions.

ZYTO Biocommunication Technology

ZYTO technology enables a computer to communicate with your body. After placing your hand on a specialized hand cradle, an energetic connection is established that allows ZYTO to essentially ask your body questions and record your body’s responses. We call this biocommunication, and it can provide you and your health care provider with powerful new insights about your health.

Armed with the results of the scan, Dr. Dan can discuss with you the best way to find relief or prevent future problems.

Why wait for the pain when you can keep it at bay? Find out more about our naturopathic services, contact us today!

Chiropractic Techniques

Your care may be supplemented with one of our chiropractic services. He is able to achieve great results using a number of different techniques.

Some of the techniques Dr. Dan relies on most frequently include

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Applied Kinesiology involves testing the muscle strength of specific areas of the body, helping
Dr. Dan identify problem areas and better track your results. The resulting information allows him to help your body work more efficiently.


The ArthroStim is used for soft tissue treatment. It makes gentle to medium force adjusting thrusts, allowing for an extremely precise adjustment.

Biokinetic Tool

Biokinetics restores nerve function with the use of a handheld instrument. The instrument produces a gentle, low-force adjustment to eliminate interference and facilitate function.

Cold Laser

Laser treatment can enhance tissue regeneration, reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion and reduce scar tissue.


Microcurrent therapy uses very low-level (micro) currents to dramatically increase production of ATP, the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. The resulting increase in blood flow and decrease in inflammation translates to reductions in pain and muscle spasms as well as increased range of motion.

Percussor Tool

Working like a gentle jackhammer, the percussor tool is able to efficiently release knots in connective tissue and fascia, breaking up scar tissue, reducing pain and increasing range of motion.

Discover how our safe and gentle techniques can help you feel great. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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