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EVOX at Coeur d’Alene Wellness

The EVOX sessions reframe the subconscious so that the body can move forward in a more whole, healthy way.

The Impact of Perception on Well-Being

Desi training patientPerception has a dramatic impact on your health and wellness. A positive “glass is half full” outlook on life will enable you to function with greater ease and less stress. On the other hand, a limited and negative attitude can lead to additional stress and a cycle of overall negative behavior.

Since the majority of perceptions are static, you are likely to repeat behaviors associated with those perceptions, producing the same reality over and over. With the help of the ZYTO EVOX, however, you can shift your subconscious mind to a more desirable mindset in any part of your life which you want to improve or where you are having difficulties.

The spoken voice is filled with understated energetic frequencies that reflect the speaker’s perception of the topic. These frequencies can be gauged and mapped with the EVOX innovative voice mapping technology. The map produced based on the energy of your voice reveals the present and absent frequencies compared to the ideal awareness in each of the 12 perception zones.

The software chooses the energetic frequencies your body shows a biological coherence based on the voice analysis. This distinctive data are then introduced to the subconscious using software output. Pondering the topic as your subconscious mind gets this information helps you to progressively change the static perception that may be holding you back.

Voice Mapping and Analyzing

The process of examining and mapping the voice and then receiving information through energetic transfer is repeated many times on the chosen topic. Your voice pattern will eventually shift as missing information is incorporated. When the software perceives a significant change in our voice pattern, it indicates that a shift has taken place and the perception of the topic has been reframed. A typical outcome of this shift is a feeling of being uplifted and inspired.

EVOX perception reframing technology can help you disrupt the cycle of holding on to attitudes and ways of dealing with life that reduce your ability to be happier, healthier and more successful. Resource on Voice Mapping

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