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Energetic Kinesiology at
Coeur d’Alene Wellness

Dr. O'Neill with patient“There is medicine and that medicine, and this method and that method and there is the way to body really is.” Because you are not your diagnosis, we make use of Energetic Kinesiology to find out “how your body really is.” It allows us to completely personalize and individualize your evaluation and care program based on feedback from your body through Energetic Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is best known as a tool for treating musculoskeletal conditions. Here at Coeur d’Alene Wellness, we utilize what is known as Energetic Kinesiology—as quantified by Dr. Charles T. Krebs. His work has been transformational in moving kinesiology to a much broader application.

Based on the biofeedback mechanism of muscle response monitoring to tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself (rather than relying exclusively on experiments done in labs) Energetic Kinesiology marries cutting-edge research with biomedicine to assist doctors in utilizing the body’s biofeedback mechanisms to restore normal function.

This makes Energetic Kinesiology practical in the evaluation and management of a broad range of health issues through integration of the relationships between various organ functions, the musculoskeletal system, the lymphatic and other body systems.

Energetic Kinesiology is by its very nature a client-based therapy. It relies entirely on your body’s feedback to direct the analysis and therapy. First, a stressed system is identified through muscle response biofeedback. Next, muscle response feedback provides information on the factor(s) creating your stressors. Then the proper therapy to be applied is also derived through muscle response biofeedback. So your body is at all times in charge of the process.

The majority of our body functions, about 88%, are run by what is called the subconscious or Autonomic Control System, which regulates everything from body temperature and digestion to heart function and cell health.

We are usually mostly unaware of all the functions that go on at the subconscious level. Only 4% of the brain is dedicated to our conscious mind. The remaining 8% is a hybrid between the two (breathing, etc.) which allows some conscious override of the automatic functions (holding your breath).

Your muscle responses are connected with and run by a series of subconscious systems and are directly affected by nutritional status, emotional states, and the energetic systems of the body. Imbalances within these systems can directly alter muscle function. So muscle monitoring through Energetic Kinesiology gives us direct biofeedback from the subconscious systems of the body. This allows the body and subconscious to connect and interact and permits the doctor to function as a facilitator or medical detective to help direct the body to heal itself.

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